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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Diva Edition

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Diva Edition

birthday accessories are for the 16th, 18th, and 21st or any birthday party

Hey birthday girls!

If you love bold, dark colors with a bit of glitz and sparkles for your birthday outfit, then this blog post is for you! Read on for more birthday ideas for this birthday outfit!

Black and Gold

We chose an selection of black and gold birthday jewelry that will stun the crowd as you're walking downtown with your fierce birthday gold look. A big black choker necklace with an abundance of gems will bring eyes center stage to you! A pair of pearl earrings with black bows will compliment the choker and you. Add some assorted black bracelets with gems, pearls, and so on the finish your jewelry part of the total birthday outfit. For an additional birthday idea, try a birthday zodiac necklace instead of a choker.

The Birthday Shirt

Of course we can't forget this birthday outfit piece! It's the center of the whole birthday outfit. Wear a regular pink and black birthday shirt or even a black and gold birthday shirt or birthday dress. The birthday shirt makes a great birthday gift idea for yourself or your besties!

Lace and Crowns

Hey, since it's your birthday, dress it up with a birthday tiara to show who's boss around here! Try a pair of dark lace tights or even the high slit skirt by Wetseal with that touch of lace showing for a hint of sexy for your birthday outfit.

And top it all off with...

Some fly shoes! We love the grunge heels with the double, solid black straps and the gold finish on the bottom for a very in trend shoe. For makeup, try a natural, dark eyeshadow for dramatic eyes, and finished off with a natural foundation and dark colored lipstick for a lil daring look for your birthday look!

Outfit: Check! Birthday Shirt: Check! Fun times ahead: Check! Let your birthday party begin and rock your fashionable birthday style with bold, daring, and unique pieces!


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