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Top 10 Hip-Hop Songs for Your Birthday

Top 10 Hip-Hop Songs for Your Birthday


This compilation of hip-hop birthday songs is perfect if you want to celebrate your birthday with style. Feel free to repeat this playlist! Use similar songs too. You will want to get down to these songs on your birthday!

  • 10. Birthday - Flo Rida

    "I don’t want no cake on my birthday, I want my cake every day." Why not celebrate your birthday 365 days a year with Flo Rida?
  • 9. This is My Party – Fabolous

    This is your party, BIRTHDAY GIRL! You can do whatever you want and don't let anybody stop you.
  • 8. Say Aah – Trey Songz

    “Go girl, it’s your birthday. Open wide I know you’re thirsty” - Request this song at the club – I guarantee every DJ will have it.
  • 7. Birthday – Twista

    Go ahead... pop a bottle at the club and let loose on the dance floor on your birthday.
  • 6. Bottoms Up - Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj

    Trey Songz comes through with another Birthday Banga. Cheers to the Birthday Girls and throw deuce to the guys!
  • 5. Fancy – Drake

    "Oh you fancy huh?" Listen to this song while you’re getting your hair and nails done for your birthday outfit. It will definitely put you in the birthday party mood.
  • 4. Birthday Girl – Travis Porter

    "Just turned 21, time to have some fun!" This song represents a friendly reminder to make sure to take 2 shots of Patron and 2 shots of Grey Goose on your birthday. Definitely the perfect 21st birthday song to play at your 21st birthday party!
  • 3. Birthday Sex – Jeremih

    We don’t exactly endorse the idea of pressing play on this one when the family is gathered around the table...This is for those older birthday girls for sure!
  • 2. Pour It Up – Rihanna

    Rihanna’s all about pourin’ it up and partyin’ it up all night. And tons of cash and twerking. She’s the definition of female swag. Who doesn’t want to party like Rihanna? When you're done working, you gotta celebrate hard and throw the dollars everywhere!
  • 1. Good Life (ft. T-Pain) – Kanye West

    "Now, I, I go for mine, I got to shine. Now throw your hands up in the sky." Remember this song back in the day? Forget about them haters, and enjoy your fabulous birthday with this song. All you gotta do for your birthday is just chill and have no worries on your birthday.

    Now that you are ready to get HYPE on your Birthday, get yourself the right gear from Birthday Girl! Which song do you like the best?! Which song you think is just meh? Of course we've selected the classics but hey it's your birthday, so play whatever groove you're feeling on your birthday night! Reply and comment down below!

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