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5 Ways to Celebrate in GOLD while on a Birthday Budget

5 Ways to Celebrate in GOLD while on a Birthday Budget


Hey birthday girls!

Gold is so in for decorating a birthday party, but who wants to spend a ton of gold on being gold? Here's some cost effective ways to make a styled birthday look good while being on a birthday budget.

Buy gold balloons in bulk for a cheap and gold way to decorate your gold birthday party. It's a great way to decorate a place for cheap, and have that gold appeal. Throw in some golden sequins or confetti around the room too for some gold magic. Your birthday guests can even take one home to remember that night. Balloons should cost around 5-10 dollars depending on how big the birthday party is and how big is the room.

Check out online websites for cheap shopping deals on gold birthday party supplies. If you stock up before the party, you're bound to save money on those fun party decor pieces. Better yet, if you buy in bulk, you can. Perhaps split supplies with another friend who's celebrating a birthday so you both can pre-plan ahead of time, save money, and get free shipping for bulk orders. Online shopping is so easy these days when you can buy anything for the most competitive prices.

Need some birthday lights? Reuse those Christmas lights for outdoor or indoor birthday decor. Having fairy lights or any hanging Xmas lights can be a cool way to set the birthday party mood while not spending a ton on lighting. This is also perfect for night time birthday parties outside on the patio.

Turn your gold birthday night into a DIY night. Get some cheap wine glasses, gold craft paint, rhinestones, and bling it up for a 21st birthday or just for champagne and rose. It'll be a great activity for your birthday guests. Now just turn up the birthday tunes on that stereo.

gold birthday outfit on a birthday girl

Last but not least, check out our gold birthday shirt box to make an instant, birthday ready outfit for your birthday. Just add your jeans, or a skirt, and your gold accessories to get your birthday style on! When you walk in the room, everyone will know it's not only your birthday, but that you're doing it gold style cause you're worth it!

You're worth more than gold, birthday girls! Shine on your best day of the year!

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