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You know you're a Scorpio when...

You know you're a Scorpio when...

Mmm, tasty zodiac birthday cake!

Feeling you got a sting to your personality? Are you mostly independent? Do you love pumpkin lattes?! (kidding!) We'll give you some telltale signs on being a Scorpio with our zodiac101 lowdown on the zodiac facts! Read on to find out if you're true to your Zodiac!

You're FIERCELY independent and proud of it.

No one is holding you down! Scorpios love being independent, on their own, and don't seek the reliance of others for social reasons. You live your life the way you want!

You have a tight knit circles of BFFs that got your back.

Making friends can be a challenging experience sometimes. Scorpios pride trustworthiness and honesty in all friendships and relationships. Once people won your trust and respect, you'll love them deeply and intensely. 

You have your moody days too.

Sometimes scorpios just have to sting, and sometimes their emotions get a little too out of wack, but hey, don't we all get our bad days?

You're successful because you hustle!

Scorpios make the best doctors, lawyers, and business people because they always give it their all no matter what task they have because they are intensely motivated to reach their goals and not give up. Scorpios also have great money sense and don't spend money all willy-nilly either!

If you meet most of the signs, you're most likely a Scorpio yourself! What other ways are you a Scorpio? Let us know in the comments below!

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