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3 Easy Ways to Party It Up Like Beyonce

3 Easy Ways to Party It Up Like Beyonce

Hey birthday queens!

It's Beyonce's birthday and we're celebrating her Birthday Girl style! She's a world renowned pop star that produces hits every year, goes to events with glamorous style, and still manages to support and do charity work! We'll give you some birthday party ideas on how you can make your birthday party, Beyonce style!

Get out there with a great birthday outfit!

We all know Beyonce dresses her best like, every day, and probably has a wardrobe worth more than your yearly salary, but when it's your birthday, you need that birthday girl style! Don't just get the best birthday outfit, but treat yourself too! Get your hair done, that blowout you've always wanted, get your nail done with those sparkly rhinestones and bow nail art, and ask your BFF to help you get your makeup done for tonight's birthday party. Beyonce knows when she steps into the club, she knows she's running the world tonight and so should you on your birthday!

LOL! When We all wait for our birthday to happen right?!

Sing a song and celebrate with friends and family

Whenever Beyonce has a birthday party, Jay Z, family members, and friends she knows in the music industry always sing songs about Beyonce to her. These birthday songs aren't just the birthday song, but songs that remind them of the birthday girl and how happy they are to celebrate Beyonce's birthday. Celebrating with close ones can be a great way to have a memorable birthday party! Maybe it doesn't have to be singing, but other birthday activities people can join in. And with close family and friends, they'll be sure to dedicate a tribute or special birthday gift to you!

Last but not least, treat yourself on your Birthday!

Beyonce pretty much has everything she needs, but when it comes to her birthday and her family's birthday, the sky is the limit! For example, for Blue Ivy's Birthday, Beyonce got her all the birthday cake in the world, and all kinds of shiny new toys for her! For her friend's birthday, she sang songs for them and showed up on time for their birthday parties! When you're a super star pop queen, you can definitely live it up like a super star pop queen on your birthdays and your friend's birthdays! So don't be afraid to splurge or do something you haven't done before on your birthday. It's your day to party and to celebrate YOU! 

Happy Birthday Beyonce! Keep ruling the world with your Birthday Girl style!

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