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5 Ways Birthday Girl Katy Perry is a true Scorpio

5 Ways Birthday Girl Katy Perry is a true Scorpio

Hey Birthday Girls!

Are you a fan of Katy Perry? Do you love celebrity birthdays? We'll give you some interesting facts about our Birthday Girl Katy Perry! A successful singer with tons of pop hits and a flare for partying it up at her own birthday parties, here's reasons why she channels her inner Scorpio so well.

The Dream is Free, The Hustle is Sold Separately

No wonder Katy Perry is so successful, she has the drive that many Scorpios possess. She has the hustle and ambition she needs in her career. With the number of hits she releases, the drive to create new songs each year, and the time and energy she devotes to her charities such as UNICEF, Katy knows she wants to be the change in the world and be successful!

Scorpios are Creative

Every one knows Katy Perry makes very artistic, creative music videos for her songs. From a woman in the jungle, candy land fantasies, to nerdy party girl, it's a surprise what she'll make next.

Don't mess with Katy though...



Scorpios are also known for their fierce competitiveness and sharp temperament.  Scorpios can be manipulative and greedy, full of sting, but on the flip slide, this competitive energy can be used to achieve big goals and dreams career wise.

When Scorpios fall in love...

They fall hard! Katy has had several relationships in her past that she deeply cared about the people she dated, especially her ex-husband Russel. One of her well known songs, "The One That Got Away", she talks about lost love that didn't work out.

Katy shows her Scorpio emotions with her style

As the zodiac signs show, Scorpios tend to have strong emotions, whether they be high or low. Katy has expressed this in her fashion, wearing what she wants to wear based on however she is feeling. We all know Katy also has a wide variety of clothing in her concert tours and her music videos along with her Scorpio-like creativity.

Do you see the same traits within yourself? What celebrity zodiac do you relate to? Let us know in the comments below. Rock on Scorpio Birthday Girls!

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