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MEET the Birthday Girl: Katy Perry Edition

MEET the Birthday Girl: Katy Perry Edition

Hey Birthday Girls!

Did you know Katy Perry is a Birthday Girl too?! We'll tell you all the sweet reasons why our celebrity Katy Perry is a certified Birthday Girl!

For one, Katy Perry LOVES the party life!

Happy Birthday Katy! From a neon splatter party for her 25th birthday, or a cow girl, Katy Perry loves celebrating and being a celebrity birthday girl! She gets into her birthday party so much when she dresses as a fun costume character. Every celebrity birthday party Katy throws always has wild and crazy birthday party themes. As Birthday Girls, they know how to throw a party, and live life to the max when it's their birthdays!

katy perry celebrity birthday party

Katy Perry is definitely a Birthday Girl with her songs!

Remember TGIF? Katy Perry works hard and plays hard in her songs. She's made hit after hit and lives life through them. We all know birthday girls love to party hard on the weekend, and so does Katy Perry! Even if the party gets a little awkward, or you had a little too much to drink it's best to go wild and enjoy your time at the birthday party to the max cause it's all about you!

Don't forget her Birthday song too! Add this to your next birthday party playlist if you want. This pop song totally goes so well with any birthday party! She'll make that special someone or her friends feel great on their birthdays! Oh, and THAT cake too! Gotta always have that slice of birthday cake (the whole cake is fine too please!).

Katy celebrates her birthday, but life everyday!

She also Celebrates Life by giving back to women and girls in need too! As a hard working, award-wining singer, she joined UNICEF recently as an ambassador for helping children in vulnerable areas attain better education opportunities. On her tours, she often raises money for charities for HIV/AIDS and breast cancer causes. Katy has always given support for women around the world with empowerment during her career. Now that's definitely Celebrating Life!

Love celebrity birthdays? Love Katy Perry? Let us know in the comments below, Birthday Girls ; )


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