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Why Jennifer Lawrence is a Birthday Girl

Why Jennifer Lawrence is a Birthday Girl


Hey Celebrity Birthday Girls!

One of our favorite actresses has a birthday today, and we're gonna tell you why she's totally a certified Birthday Girl! 90s girl Jennifer Lawrence has a birthday today!

Jennifer's humor? So on point.

Birthday Girls are all about celebrating and having a blast. So is Jennifer and her sense of humor and personality. There's not a time where Jennifer Lawrence has a bad red carpet moment when she plays up her thoughts as honest, witty humor. Tight dress? Nervousness? She jokes about it all and has fun no matter what happens on that red carpet party.

Her red carpet style is birthday party ready

No matter how derpy or weird or dorky off camera she may be, she can rock the red carpet not with her looks, and personality, but her red carpet looks as well. This Birthday Girl is rocking it no matter where she is!

Big voice and big dreams

Apart from being one of the highest paid actresses of the year, and being in the Hunger Games, she isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, even when it comes to difficult topics such as wage-gap issues.Birthday Girls are never afraid to speak about what they fight for, and what they care about too. And her charitable spirit? Totally awesome with her 2 million donation in order to help sick kids in her hometown Louisville hospital, celebrating LIFE and saving lives.

Last but not least, like any Birthday Girl, she likes to party like it's her Birthday and get a little crazy!

Keeping up with the Kardashians also means partying like one too.

Love J. Law? Do you celebrate the same birthday as her? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Birthday Jennifer!


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