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Why Kylie Jenner is a Birthday Girl!

Why Kylie Jenner is a Birthday Girl!


Hey birthday girls!

We all love celebs and celeb culture! And the latest celeb to have a birthday is Kylie Jenner! Have you been keeping up with the Kardashians? Kylie Jenner is a summer birthday girl with her birthday being on August 10th. Start that birthday countdown because here's why Kylie Jenner is definitely a Birthday Girl!

For one, Kylie is the life of the party! She loves to party with her Kardashian sisters and wastes no time going to each party! She's a birthday girl currently at age 19, going 20 this August, just a year shy of her own 21st birthday milestone! (I wonder how HOT that 21st birthday party will be!) Birthday Girls like Kylie love to party and be in the spotlight! They want to go to all the hottest spots in town, while staying fresh with their birthday outfits and birthday style! They love all kinds of birthday outfits like bodycons, birthday shirts, graphic tees to show off their body and birthday style in. They also want their makeup and hair on point cause it has to be flawless for the birthday night!

And of course, she's a real birthday queen that's almost too hard to shop for! With Tyga giving her an early Mercedes for her birthday and being gifted a adorable puppy by her friends, she is on top with birthday royalty. Birthday Queens demand that they get the best and most thoughtful presents and expect nothing less than that! Her friends will already know it's her birthday soon and want to get the perfect birthday gift idea for her! Birthday Queens know it's their birthday and that deserved to be spoiled soooo much!!!

With every birthday girl, comes birthday style! Not only she rocks the birthday party, but rocks it while being totally fashionable and stylish. On her instagram, even with over 70 million followers, she doesn't stop pushing her fashion outfits and rocking the latest outfit she's picked for the day. Kylie is also red carpet ready and doesn't run out of fresh and new outfits to wear to stun the crowd. Her endless amount of selfies(she's definitely a selfie queen too) and personal photos show that this birthday girl isn't afraid of any fashion pieces nor showing her fashion style all for the world to see!

Birthday girls don't skimp on makeup either. Kylie recently launched her own makeup collection, Kylie Cosmetics that did extremely well and most cosmetics are already sold out on the website! This is one birthday girl that loooooves makeup and knows exactly the perfect makeup set to use for any birthday night or a even just a girl's night out!

And last but not least, she is a LEO birthday girl! She represents all the LEO birthday girls out there that lead the pack with their birthday style! She celebrates life with her style, and her brand to all of her followers!

Happy 20th birthday Kylie!

Which celeb do you think is a birthday girl?! Feel free to comment below!


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