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Why Cake Pops are the perfect Birthday Idea for your 21st Birthday

Why Cake Pops are the perfect Birthday Idea for your 21st Birthday

Hey Birthday girls!


Who doesn't have a sweet tooth?! From candy to cookies, who can resist a sweet treat? We all know birthday cakes are ~the~ classic food to serve at every party, the highlight of every kid's childhood birthday memories. Whether the birthday girl be 10 or 21, nothing can go wrong with cake. But waaaaaaiiittt a minute! What if the birthday girl doesn't want to eat a whole cake?! What if there's too many leftovers?! Either share with friends or... get cake pops!


Cake pops are fun, bite sized dessert balls made from left over cake and can be decorated to suit the theme of any birthday party! Since Bakerella's book "Cake Pop" started the trend, cake pops have skyrocketed to popular heights. Even for the conscious birthday girl, cake pops are the quick sweet treat to go! Less than a cupcake but just as much value on taste! But watch out, cake pops may be very addictive and you may want 2, 3, 4 or more! Oh my!


Some places such as (@HauteSoSweet )or (@goodiebites) have served the NYC area with cake pop needs for any occasion whether it be a wedding or a graduation party! Cake pops can be a great gift for any birthday girl and can be customized to whatever a birthday girl desires for a tasty, personalized gift. Got a 21st birthday? Customize cake pops with a big 21 on each of them for a 21st birthday idea! Serve them along drinks to make a fun, friendly, and memorable party.


Remember birthday girls, you can party hard, and have your cake, just the way YOU want it! You got the best of both words here!


XOXO Birthday Girl World


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