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What every Birthday Girl Needs To Know About Miami

What every Birthday Girl Needs To Know About Miami


Miami is hands down one of the best cities to party in, especially if you are a sun and beach lover. Let’s not kid ourselves, what Birthday Girl  wouldn’t love to lounge in the sun all day on the infamous South Beach? The only catch is that, unlike Vegas, Miami can be hard to party in if you don’t have any connections. Be prepared to wait in line and stay at a less glamorous hotel, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Cheap hotels: Beachcomber Hotel and The Kent are a block from the beach. Although they don’t offer 5 star accommodations, their location is definitely a fair trade. Whitelaw Hotel is probably the cleanest hotel you’ll find that offers lower rates. 

Getting into clubs: The lines are always long and the doormen are always selective in Miami. Most hotels in Miami offer their guests VIP access and guest list to the hottest clubs. Even if the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t offer anything, talk to the concierge and see if they can hook you up. The real party starts around 1am so get to the club early around 11pm with your clique to avoid waiting in a huge line. A group of girls will have an easier time getting in so dress sexy. The shorter and tighter, the better, but remember there’s a delicate line between sexy and trashy that shouldn’t be crossed. If you have extra money to spend, check out South Beach VIP Services and VIP South Beach. You’ll have to pay extra but you’ll be guaranteed entry. 

The best clubs: Mynt Lounge and Mansion are the most exclusive clubs and are favorites amongst models and celebrities. Bongo’s Cuban Cafe is known for having the rowdiest parties after Miami Heat home games. Last but not least, Bamboo is one of Miami’s ultimate must-see clubs.

If you’re planning a birthday in Miami, you won’t be disappointed. Listen to Welcome to Miami-Will Smith and get excited for an unforgettable birthday in one of the most exotic cities in America.


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