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10 Quick Facts about Capricorns (Are you one?!)

10 Quick Facts about Capricorns (Are you one?!)

It's CAPRICORN season and that means it's (always) time to party! We'll give you the quick low down if on 10 surprising facts about Capricorns! Are you a capricorn? Read on to find out!

Discipline and self-control is key to a Capricorn Birthday Girl. She might seem serious, but it's all about forming great habits and skills no matter where she goes in life.

Capricorns will HUSTLE hard to make it and become successful at whatever she does!

They're also patient people too. She knows if she'll wait for it, the reward is worth it in the end.

Independent women unite! Capricorns value their independence highly!

A Capricorn is your best, ambitious business partner. She'll make great judgements when it comes to project planning or budgeting. Finance, management, and teaching positions are best suited to Capricorns.

She'll be a bit stubborn at times too. Like Taurus, sometimes it's my way or the highway. It's ether do it this way or that way. Capricorns are working on finding other ways to see things.

Capricorns prefer to keep their emotions and feelings low key unless it's with their partner. Sometimes it can take time connecting with a Capricorn emotionally since once they form bonds with someone, they don't want to let the person go!

Capricorns love people who are hard working and loyal as them. Her circle of friends aren't big, but if you have a Capricorn as a friend, chances are she will be loyal and kind. Capricorns appreciate their family and friends a lot.

In relationships, Capricorns like to take it slow and steady. There's no need for rushing! Capricorns take any decision or problem with knowledge and careful planning, so her relationships are more often bound to develop slowly over time.

Capricorns are BEST compatible with Taurus and Virgo, so start planning that Zodiac Birthday Squad!

Any of these facts surprise you? Comment and share this article with the Capricorn Birthday Girls in your life!

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