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5 signs you're a certified Sagittarius Birthday Girl

5 signs you're a certified Sagittarius Birthday Girl

It's Sagittarius season and it's all about our Sagittarius birthday girls. Are you a true Sagittarius? Do you exhibit all your zodiac features? Read on if you're true to your zodiac or not!

You're the clown of the birthday party

Sagittarius birthday girls love to joke. You're known for having a great sense of humor. You also enjoy other birthday party guests who love to laugh and joke around too.

You're also the life of the birthday party too.

You're often extroverted and enthusiastic for whatever social event or activity comes your way. Sagittarius zodiacs are often the most happy of the zodiac signs. So party on!

You want your birthday party your way

Independent and free-spirited, you love to do things your way and how you want it. You feel your birthday party should be the same! You may want a specific birthday theme or visualize your birthday party at an upscale, modern place. Whatever you want for your birthday, you can see and you will do.

More friends brings more birthday fun.

Since you're extroverted, it makes sense you love as many friends at your birthday party too. The more the merrier. Bonus if family members come to the birthday party.

You party even when it's not your birthday!

After work party? Weekend drinks? Nothing is off limits when it's not your birthday. Nothing wrong with partying like it's yo birthday!

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