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How Leo Birthday Girl Wants Her Birthday Done Right

How Leo Birthday Girl Wants Her Birthday Done Right

 Hey Leo birthday girls! Ready to party? We know it's your zodiac season and it's time to bust out the drinks and music. Here's some ways you may totally party like your zodiac sign. ; )

A Leo birthday party is led by the Leo birthday girl herself. She may even want to plan her own birthday party, rather than letting someone else do it for herself. After all, she's the birthday queen tonight! Her birthday party will be mostly big, and extravagant as it can get because Leo birthday girls, if not on a birthday budget, love luxury and the finer things in life can bring. This could be anything from having a place neatly decorated for a birthday event, a VIP booth in a rocking club, or an exciting pool party with all her best friends. 

Leo birthday girls love being in the spotlight, and people naturally gravitate towards a leader such like a Leo. Leo birthday girls love having all the birthday love and attention on them in a birthday party. Best friends at the birthday party are a must. Her boyfriend or girlfriend must be there as well. Family members are always invited to her birthday parties.

Don't ever forget that birthday cake either. As for loving things all luxury, there's no holding back a Leo birthday girl from getting her BIG birthday cake. It can be a 3 tiered birthday cake, or even a birthday cake shaped like a pair of heels. Get creative with this birthday cake. And bring that bottle of wine too, cause it's her birthday of course.

Leo birthday girls love getting fancy, overblown birthday gifts. They're at the top at the pack and they deserve the best, so going all out for a birthday gift is a necessity for the Leo birthday girl. Gift baskets, diamond bracelets, fancy wine, or even a designer purse are all great gifts for the Leo Birthday Girl. Do not bring her something cheap for her birthday gift!

Do you party like a Leo birthday girl? Do you want your birthday parties Leo style? Let us know in the comments below!

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