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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 8

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 8


Hey birthday party goers!

Everyday is about celebrating life and celebrating YOUR birthday! Every time you head out the door is a chance to wear that birthday tshirt!

Wear it to your friends's birthday!

Whether you have the "I'm with the birthday girl" or your very own "happy birthday" t shirts, wear it to support your birthday girl friends! Or even better, buy her a birthday girl shirt if she hasn't done so yet! The birthday tshirt is the perfect birthday attire to wear to any birthday party! Feel free to decorate the birthday girl with birthday sashes, birthday tiaras, and that birthday love!

Wear it to the party!

Got a midnight bash? A lazer tag party? Stand out from the crowd and wear your bright birthday shirt! Any crazy, wild night events can be great for wearing those bright outfits. And what a better match for the even than the birthday shirt?

Go to the mall!

Maybe you just wanna show off that birthday style while shopping for gifts for others (or yourself too! We won't judge!) Maybe the store clerk could give you a special birthday discount?! We don't guarantee it, but if you got those crafty ideas for using your birthday shirt, go ahead. ; )

Have fun with these tips! Live life to the fullest and celebrate your birthday in every way!

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