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Surprising Ways to get the BEST Birthday Outfit Under $50!

Surprising Ways to get the BEST Birthday Outfit Under $50!

Hey birthday girls!

Ready to save $$$ on your birthday? Don't want to break the bank with your birthday plans? We've got more tips on how to save the most $$$ while still partying like it's 1999! Here's some birthday ideas to get a great and fabulous birthday outfit for under 50! Read on!

Check out the sales rack!

Every big retail store definitely has blow out sales EVERY season! The trick is to keep an eye on those sales. Those last minute dresses and tops that they couldn't sell for full retail price? Well they're giving you 50%-70% off for those dresses now! You can definitely get a party dress for around $20-25 dollars and still have leftover money for a new pair of night-on-the-town heels. If you're looking for a specific trend like flower dresses or late night sequin dresses, be sure to shop off season so you can have it in time for your next birthday.

Those BIG sales...

Black Friday anyone? Xmas shopping? So many companies fight to get consumer's attention, and sales with tons of shopping discounts, sales, and clearance bargains. Definitely keep the major holiday sales on your birthday shopping list too, you might just find your next birthday outfit or a nice set of accessories to complete your birthday look!

Thrift thrift thrift

Thrift stores are full of interesting finds and unique pieces more than people usually think! You'll find tons of wine glasses, appliances, and most importantly, racks and racks of clothing for parties, work environments, or casual events! To make it even more fun, take your besties with you to shop at the thrift store to find those bargain deals, take selfies, and have fun finding your next birthday outfit while saving money!

Ask your BFFs too!

If you and your friend are the same size, try a clothing swap in time for your birthday! This birthday idea will not only save you money, but you get to give a gift to your friend and you get an awesome outfit to wear for your birthday party, your birthday dinner, and or to a fancy birthday event.

And of course, we always sell our popular birthday shirts starting at $18 and UP! ; ) All you need is that birthday shirt, your own pair of pants, jeans, or skirts and you're birthday ready! If you want to get a birthday dress or make your birthday outfit for cheap, use these tips to your advantage because you can definitely save money on your birthday!

 What are your favorite ways to save money during birthday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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