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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Classy Edition

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Classy Edition


Hey classy birthday girls!

For a night out, or for a fun, hip event, here's some ways to dress it up for your birthday. Check out these stylish birthday outfit ideas for a birthday dress or a birthday shirt.

Glam Gold

Gold is such an awesome color for a night out. It goes well with pretty much anything, even accessories. We love this gold YSL purse, Versace earrings, and gold heels for this birthday outfit.

This gold clutch contrasts well with the hot pink!

Contrast with pink or other colors to make this birthday outfit really shine on your birthday night. Our Pink Birthday Dress goes well with this birthday outfit idea! Or you can use a pink birthday shirt instead. You can also contrast with a black birthday dress or a white birthday dress as well.

Ariana Grande has also worn this look with gold heels!

For makeup ideas, try matching the nails with pink shades of nail polish and natural colors for eye shadow. Don't forget the gold accessories like gold earrings and gold bracelet bunches.

For a fun birthday gift idea, try having some balloons at your party that spell out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" for cool birthday party decorations! Pose with them in your birthday outfit and share those pictures on instagram or other social media!

Rock those birthday outfits, Birthday Girls! Check out the Polyvore set here!


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