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How to rock your birthday shirt: Birthday Queen edition!

How to rock your birthday shirt: Birthday Queen edition!

Hey birthday queens! You're in power today because we'll give you some tips on how to rock out in a royal birthday outfit like you're the queen on the world on your birthday!

Gold everywhere and anywhere

Gold accents, shoes, rings, can make a great birthday outfit stand out. You're royalty girl! So show that bling off and strut your stuff on your birthday. Gold jewelry is definitely a plus to any birthday outfit. Stores like forever 21 and H&M always have these items in stock for any birthday night out.

The birthday shirt

Can't forget this birthday idea! A black birthday shirt can contrast so well with all your fashion accessories. And of course, black is always in fashion, so you can't go wrong for your birthday outfit. Pair it up with the heels, and a black leather skirt for that bold power look. Other ways you can wear it is with a skirt with leggings or with pants or leather pants for a fabulous birthday outfit.

Birthday tiara (or crown!)

Even the plastic, party crowns will do! This is a birthday idea you don't have to feel ridiculous in! Wear a birthday tiara on your birthday to show who's royal around this town! You'll look great in your royal birthday outfit and people will definitely know it's all about you today.

Use perfume to smell great!

Smell great on your birthday with this lovely scent! Also makes a great birthday gift idea with all its royal details for yourself or another fellow birthday girl. Go for bold but not too strong scents. We love the Katy Perry line-she knows how to ascend the throne with this scent!

Check out the polyvore here for more birthday outfit ideas! Have a wonderful birthday, birthday girls!SaveSave

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