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83 Ways to Say "Happy Birthday"

83 Ways to Say

83 Ways to Say “Happy Birthday”

Make your best friend’s birthday sparkle with 100 new ways to say

“Happy Birthday”

How many times have you wished your best bud HAPPY BDAY?! Surprise her this year by celebrating with one (or many!) of these translations. She may not know the language, but she’ll definitely know what you mean!

  1. Gelukkige Verjaarsdag

Speak up in Afrikaans, the official language of South Africa!


  1. Gëzuar Ditëlindjen

The small country of Albania is well-known for its castle, perfect for the birthday queen! ♛


  1. Melikami Lideti                      

መልካም ልደት

Amharic, traditionally spoken in Ethiopia, will spice up her bday!


   4. Eyd Mawlid Saeid                  

عيد مولد سعيد

Arabic is the official language of many people and places, including Chad, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia….


     5. Tsnundd Shnorhavor                  

Ծնունդդ շնորհավոր

Eastern and Western Armenian are actually two separate languages.

Check out the Eastern version above, and feel free to throw in the Western style: shuhnorhavor dzuhnuhntyan daretarts.



  1. Ad Günün Mübarək

Azerbaijani is spoken in Azerbaijan near the famous Caspian Sea!


  1. Śubha Janmadina                      

শুভ জন্মদিন  

Bangla is the official birthday language of Bangladesh.


  1. Zorionak

Basque is unrelated to any other known languages. This translation is the perfect choice for your unique birthday buddy.

  1. Z Dniom Naradžennia


З Днём Нараджэння


Belt out “Happy Birthday” in Belarusian (of the Belarus Region).

  1.  Sretan Rođendan

Thinking about Bosnia? Me too. Serenade your BFF in Bosnian!

  1. Chestit Rozhden Den

Честит Рожден ден

Embellish her birthday wishes in the beautiful language of Bulgaria.

  1. Pyawrwin Hpwalrar Mwaynae


Myanmar (formerly Burma) is the home of this Burmese language.


  1. Per Molts Anys

Go ahead, say this out loud. You’re speaking Catalan of Cataolonia.  

  1. Malipayong Kaadlawan

Cebuano (in the Philippines) will instantly liven up the ‘ol HB phrase!

  1. Sretan Rođendan

Ahhh, Croatia. Croatian is actually identical to Serbian except Croatian is written with the Roman alphabet.


  1.  Všechno Nejlepší k Narozeninám

Czech yo’self, and check yo friend! Is it her birthday? Better celebrate in Czech! 😍😎😉

  1. Tillykke Med Fødselsdagen

The Danes of Denmark distinguish their birthdays with this tongue twister. Give it a whirl for the birthday girl!

  1. Fijne Verjaardag

Of the germanic languages, Dutch, spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium, is the third most widely spoken (after English and German).

  1. Feliĉan Naskiĝtagon

International auxiliary languages, like Esperanto, are created to improve communication between people who speak different first languages. Of these constructed languages, Esperanto is the most widely used in the world!

  1. Palju õnne sünnipäevaks

Estonian (similar to Finnish) was historically two languages: Northern and Southern. Modern Estonian is based on the Northern version.

  1. Tillukku Við Føðingardegnum

Faroese, of the Faroe Islands, descended from the Middle Ages!


  1. Hyvää Syntymäpäivää

Finnish is one of two official languages for saying “Happy Birthday” in Finland (the other is Swedish).

  1. Gelukkige Verjaardag!

Flemish actually refers to any of the Dutch language variations spoken in Flanders, the northern portion of Belgium.


  1. Bon Anniversaire

Oh oui, it’s French!

  1. Feliz Aniversario


Galician (not to be confused with Galatian or Gallaecian) is mainly spoken in northwest Spain, also called “Green Spain.”


  1. Gilotsav Dabadebis Dghes

გილოცავ დაბადების დღეს

Georgian has its own writing style called the Georgian script (not the same Georgia font on your computer).


  1. Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag

German is surprisingly similiar to English and often taught in the United States alongside Spanish, French, and American English Sign Language.


  1. Charoúmena Genéthlia

Χαρούμενα γενέθλια

The Greek language spans 34 CENTURIES. The Iliad, Odyssey, and even the New Testament were written in Greek.


  1. Janmadivasa nī śubhakāmanā

જન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામના

You’ll find this Gujarati expression in Western and Northwest India.


  1. Hauʻoli Lā Hānau

Hawaii! The Kingdom of Hawai’i was originally recognized as its own nation. This piece of paradise now belongs to the United States.


31.Yom Huledet Sameah

יום הולדת שמח

Hebrew is one of the official languages of Israel (along with Arabic). Its roots are recorded all the way back to 10th century BCE!

  1. Janmadin Kee Shubhakaamanaen

जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं

Hindi is the official language of India. Many Hindi words are borrowed words from the ancient Sanskrit language.  

  1.  Zoo Siab Hnub Yug

Hmong is spoken by the Hmong (or Mong) people indigenous to Asia including Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos.


  1. Boldog Születésnapot

Hungarian is an official language of Hungary and the European Union


  1. Til Hamingju Með Afmælið

The vast majority of those who live in Iceland call Icelandic their mother tongue. It’s also present outside of Iceland, most notably in Denmark, the United States, and Canada.


  1. Selamat Ulang Tahun

The Republic of Indonesia has more than 13 thousand islands! Can anyone say “Beach Birthday Party” in Indonesian? I bet she can!


  1. Inuuinni Pilluarit


Inuktitut is spoken by the Inuit tribe all the way up in the Canadian arctic.


  1. Lá Breithe Shona Duit

Ireland! Grab a few beers at the pub and dance a birthday jig with your favorite pal!

  1. Buon Compleanno

What’s not to love about Italy? The language, the food, the romance. Remind your bestie of the wonderful life ahead of her!


  1. Otanjōbiomedetōgozaimasu


Japanese consists of three different writing systems: hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Kanji is largely borrowed from traditional Chinese characters.


  1. Bouôn Annivèrsaithe

Jèrriais is spoken off the coast of France on one of the Channel Islands called Jersey. This language is rarely spoken as a mother tongue and continues to decline as time passes. Do your part to keep the language alive and wish your buddy happy birthday in Jèrriais!

  1. Twğan Küniñ Quttı Bolsın

Туған күнің құтты болсын

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the entire world. It’s vast natural resources make it a dominant nation in Central Asia. Impressive!!

  1. Isabukuru Nziza

Kinyarwanda is the official language of Rwanda. It’s also spoken in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and Southern Uganda.


  1. Saeng-il Chugha

생일 축하

Korean is the official language of BOTH North and South Korea. There are two forms of the language. Each territory uses a different standardized version.


  1. Tuulgan Kunuŋuz Menen

Туулган кунуңуз менен

Kyrgyz (or Kirghiz) is the national and official language of Kyrgyzstan. This Turkic language is spoken in many other countries as well.


  1. Daudz Laimes Dzimšanas Dienā

Latvian (previously known as Lettish) is a Baltic language of the Baltic Region. It is an official language of Latvia and the EU. The use of Latvian is increasing as time goes on.


  1. Gelökkige Verjaordaag

Limburgish is called Limburgan, Limburgian, and Limburgic. It is (not surprisingly) spoken in Limburg. Limburg is in the Netherlands and consists of both Belgian and Dutch provinces.


  1. Su Gimtadieniu

Just south of Latvia (#53) is the country of Lithuania. Lithuania is another one of the Baltic states. It’s official language is lithuanian.

  1. Alles Guddes fir de Gebuertsdag

Luxembourgeois? Why, yes please!


  1. Sreḱen Rodenden

Среќен роденден

Macedonian (not to be confused with Macadamia nuts) is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia. Need a birthday gift idea? Can’t go wrong with macadamia nuts and Macedonian wishes.


  1. Selamat Hari Lahir

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei all share one major language: Malay. Cover all four countries with just one birthday wish!

  1. Vāḍhivsācyā hārdik śubhecchā

वाढ$दवसा9या हा2दक श';9छा


India has 22 languages scheduled in their constitution! Marathi is one of these languages, spoken mainly in Maharashtra, India.


  1. Törsön ödriin Mend

Төрсөн өдрийн мэнд

Mongolia is in between Russia and China. This rugged expanse was home to the notorious Genghis Khan. (The famed Mongolian barbeque, however, is actually from Taiwan.)


  1. Janmadinko Shubhakamana

ज"म$दनको श'भकामना!

Nepali was originally called Khas and Gorkhali. Regardless of the name, the region remains the same. Nepal, near Tibet in the Himalayas, contains 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains!

  1. Ilanga Elimnandi Lamabeletho!

Southern Ndebele is an African language of the Ndebele people in South Africa. It’s also called Transvaal Ndebele, isiNdebele, Ndebele or South Ndebele.


  1. Gratulerer Med Dagen

Norwegian is mainly spoken in Norway. It’s a Scandinavian language, along with Faroese (#26) and Icelandic (#41).


  1. De Zaigaidelo Kaleeza Dai Mubarak Sha

کلیزه دی نیکمرغه

Pashto is one of two official languages of Afghanistan. It’s also the second largest language in Pakistan!


  1. Tavallodet Mobārak

مبارک تولدت

Speaking of Afghanistan, the second official language of the country is Persian. Persian is often called Farsi and Dari. It’s also officially spoken in Iran and Tajikistan.

  1. Wszystkiego Najlepszego

Happy Birthday from the Poles! Polish is the official language of Poland, but it is commonly spoken throughout the entire world.


  1. Feliz Aniversário

Portuguese is quite an official language. It is the national language of no less than EIGHT countries. These include Portugal (of course), Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe.


  1. La Mulţi Ani

Romanian was previously (and is still today, at times) called Moldovan. It’s the native language of roughly 25 million people! Romanian speakers are dispersed throughout the world. The bday girl herself may even recognize this birthday greeting...


  1. S Dnem ​​Rozhdeniya

С днем ​​рождения

Ah, Russia. Where would we be without Russia? Walk on the wild side with vodka and this Russian birthday wish.


  1. Manuia Le Aso Fanau

The Samoan Islands in Polynesia have reef-rimmed beaches and intense waterfalls throughout inland rainforests. One word: Wow. Transport your friend on her birthday with this Samoan expression.  

  1. Co-là-breith Math

Gaelic? Yes. Scottish Gaelic, to be precise. Grab a bottle of Scotch and start the birthday party with this Scottish rendition!


  1. Srećan Rođendan

Срећан рођендан

The ski resorts in Serbia are a winter dream waiting to happen! For your friend’s winter birthday, consider shocking the senses with an outdoor adventure! (Like a polar plunge…. ?!)


  1. Letsatsi Le Monate La Tswalo

Sesotho is the official language of the Kingdom of Lesotho. This independent country is completely surrounded by South Africa.

Talk about standing up for your individuality!

  1. Šťastné Narodeniny

Slovak is one of the West Slavic languages, along with Polish (#70) and Czech (#21). Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, but Slovak speakers are found everywhere!

  1. Vse najboljše

Slovenia in Central Europe is known for its majestic natural beauty. What better way to remind your friend of her natural beauty than sending her Slovenian birthday wishes!

  1. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

NOW we’re talking. Send your message in Spanish, and you’ll be good all the way til next year! Just remember to add a few margaritas!


  1. Furaha Ya Kuzaliwa

Swahili (another Bantu language) is an official language of Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, African Union, AND the East African Community. Send your friend your love with a Swahili twist!

  1. Grattis På Födelsedagen

Jot down this Swedish birthday message and add it to a bag of Swedish fish. 😇 You’ll give your friend the best catch of the day!

  1. Maligayang Kaarawan

There are quite a few ways to say “Happy Birthday” in Tagalog (spoken in the Philippines).

  • Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan
    • Happy/Joyful/Merry Wishes on your Birthday
  • Nawa'y pagpalain ka ng Diyos ng marami pang kaarawan
    • May God bless you with many more birthdays to come
  1. S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ Wạn Keid


Thailand. Thai food. You just can’t go wrong. Bundle up this “Happy Birthday” with your buddy’s favorite Thai dish. (Toss in a Singha for extra kudos.)

  1. Lekuk Me Ech'an Ti Avi Chlok' Ti A Jabilale

In Southern Mexico, an indigenous Mayan people — called the Tzotzil — reside in the central Chiapas highlands. Revisit your South American side by shouting out “Happy Birthday” in Tzotzil.


  1. Doğum Günün Kutlu Olsun

Does this crescent moon look familiar? The crescent in the Azerbaijan flag (#6) was originally borrowed from the Turkish flag.


  1. Doglan Günüň Gutly Bolsun

Turkmen is the official language of Turkmenistan (in Central Asia). Once again, we see the crescent moon. This symbol is used for many countries, cities, and organizations worldwide.

  1. Z Dnem Narodzhennya

З Днем народження

Ukraine, bordered by Russia and the Black Sea, is the official state of the Ukrainian language. Ukraine is a massive country in Eastern Europe and famous for its forest-covered mountains.


  1. Tug'ilgan Kuningiz Bilan!

Uzbek, the sole official language of Uzbekistan, was influenced by Persian (#69), Arabic (#4), and Russian (#73)! (Look, another crescent moon!)

  1. Chúc Mừng Sinh Nhật

In Vietnam, everyone's birthday is celebrated on the same day. This day, called Tet, is also New Year’s Day. When you write this message to your best birthday friend, remember (in a Vietnamese way) you’re also celebrating yours!

  1. Penblwydd Hapus

Welsh, native to Wales, is quite a distinctive language. In 2011, it was designated the official language of Wales. It’s the only language in the UK that is de jure official, while English is de facto official.

  1. Gliklekh Deyn Geburstog

גליקלעך דיין געבורסטאָג

Yiddish is originally a German dialect with Hebrew words and several modern languages. Yiddish is most often spoken in the US, Russia, and Israel.


  1.  Ẹ Ku Ayọ Ọjọ Ibi

Yorùbá is the Kwa language of the Yoruba people in southwestern Nigeria and Benin. Yorùbá is a major language of Nigeria (along with Hausa and Igbo).

  1. Usuku Olumnandi Lokuzalwa

The Zulu are the largest South African ethnic group. The second largest is the Xhosa (#96). About 10 million people speak Zulu, mostly in South Africa.

Whether you’re writing, calling, texting or shouting out “Happy Birthday” on your best friend’s big day, remember, there are 83 ways to wish her the best birthday ever. Keep this list nearby and sprinkle these translations throughout her day. She’ll be surprised by every new expression and appreciate your thoughtful approach!

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