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How to get free stuff/drinks on your birthday

How to get free stuff/drinks on your birthday

Hey birthday girls!

Birthdays are full of partying, food eating, dancing, and spending time with family and friends. But did you know you can get free stuff for your birthday too?! We got some birthday tips for you to try out on your birthday!

The Way to Get Birthday Freebies...

Is to ask that birthday question!!! Sometimes stores will be nice and let you have a discount or a small freebie if you tell them it's your B-DAY! The worst that can happen is they say no or they can only give a discount off certain products in a store. The secret birthday tip is this is to...

Wear that birthday shirt! Even strangers may wish you happy birthday if you wear the birthday shirt, so wear that birthday shirt everywhere you go on your birthday for those sweet, sweet birthday freebies!!!! If you wear the birthday shirt while going out, stores may already give you a birthday freebie anyways because you put effort into your birthday outfit and dressed the part too! Just make sure to have ID to prove your birthday is TODAY and get those birthday freebies!

The 21st birthday shirt trick

The 21st birthday calls for having drinks and celebrating the 21st birthday milestone. If you're having a girl's night out at the bar, this is a fabulous idea to try out. Okay birthday girls, you will definitely need the 21st birthday shirt or any birthday shirt you have. Show off that birthday pride while you're there!! Choose a bar to have some 21st birthday party fun. Sit close to the bartender and ask for any free birthday drink specials. The policy may differ between bars, maybe you can only get one free drink or a discount on drinks, but the worst that could happen is a no when you ask! And of course the bartender will ask for ID so DO NOT forget your ID either!!!

Birthday Freebies!!!

Love freebies? Love shopping discounts? Want them on your birthday? We've told you to ask in case, but here is the list of birthday freebies for you to scout out those birthday freebies! These websites got everything from birthday coupons to free treats on your birthday! Some require signing up for their reward cards or memberships, but hey if you frequent some of these places already then it's totally worth it to check out all the birthday freebies for you. Win win!

This site is great if you're going to a restaurant for a birthday dinner and want to score a free dessert or free food choice from their menu!

Got a sweet tooth? Here's a huge list on all those birthday treats for your birthday!

If you're a NYC birthday girl or just in the city for your birthday partying, here's a fun guide to scoring birthday freebies in the big apple!…

Birthday shirt discounts!

And of course birthday girls, we'll give you a birthday discount on our birthday shirts and birthday gift boxes during your birthday week! Just remember to give us your email and you're all set! The birthday is all about YOU and we definitely want to make you all feel like a birthday queen!

Getting all the birthday love and birthday freebies on your birthday? CHECK! Get ready to celebrate your birthday in style and use this eBook for some delicious birthday freebies!

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