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The 3 Signs you party a Libra Birthday Girl!

The 3 Signs you party a Libra Birthday Girl!

Hey Libra birthday girls!

Hope everyone is having fun celebrating their birthdays in this fall weather! Libras are in season and showing their birthday pride from coast to coast! Do you think you party like a true Libra Birthday Girl? Here's the top reasons you may or may not be partying like a Libra Birthday Girl!

You NEED your friends around at every event.

Friends are always welcomed at birthday parties, but if they're not there, the birthday party is no fun! Libras thrive on being social, and need their friends with them, especially BFFs! Your best friends should be making an effort to come to your birthday party cause you're the Birthday Queen, gurl! Which brings us to our next point...

You tend to be the center of the party!

Libras tend to be pretty, charming people! Libras are under the sign of Venus, which brings attraction, grace, and beauty to your social contacts. When talking to other people, they'll often find not only your looks, but your intelligence as well! Your intelligence helps you make great conversations at work, at the party, and so on.

Libras also appreciate beautiful, pretty things like art and music, and Libras know the birthday party must be a photo worthy event! Which brings us to our next point...

Your birthday party must be decorated perfectly!

You might be one of those people who follow those instagrams or tumblrs that have well decorated room blogs! You love elegant spaces and refined home decor. Regardless, you know your birthday party has to be well decorated and pleasing to the eye. This could be a sleek, fashionable night club, or a birthday party at home with fine dining ware and gold balloons spelling out your name. 

Do you see yourself as a partying Libra Birthday Girl? Do you share some or all of these partying habits? Reply below!

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