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The birthday gift every Libra Birthday Girl wants!

The birthday gift every Libra Birthday Girl wants!

Hey birthday girls! And Happy Birthday to all you Libra Birthday Girls!

We know that Libra birthday girls are fair, kind, social-oriented and love beautiful things, which makes it totally easier to round down birthday gift ideas for that last minute birthday gift! These are the top 3 birthday gift ideas you'll definitely need to get for your Libra birthday girl!

Decorate her home with sweet smelling, decorative candles

Libra birthday girls appreciate and love the arts and beautiful, pretty things. What better way to say happy birthday with a birthday candle gift! They're well under 30 dollars, make a birthday gift you can make a great impression with and not break the bank! Of course, if money is not an issue, then we recommend Diptyque candles for the ultimate birthday candle gift! They're great for birthday gifts, and for using them as a decorative home piece for after the birthday party.

Prepare some great birthday food for the birthday dinner

Every birthday party includes birthday cake and birthday food for all to share and eat. Libras love fine goods, and they love fine dining and great food. Some cool birthday gift ideas to use here would be a birthday gift basket of pastries or cookies, wine, night out with dinner, or even a great home cooked meal. You can still keep this part under 50 dollars and get her some food she will really enjoy.

If you're the boyfriend in her life, then an intimate candlelight dinner is some fine dining she'll really appreciate. Set up the table with table cloth, wine, a great meal, and a candle light to treat her on her birthday.

Plan some great activities on her birthday

So during the birthday party, plan a few things to do. Libras love to be around her friends and care for them deeply, so plan out something and spend the day with her on her birthday. Make her feel like a birthday queen on her birthday by giving her the spotlight. It could be a trip to the art gallery, museum trip, music concert, or even just getting into a snazzy club with her girlfriends. 

And of course, you can't go wrong with a birthday shirt! We got tons of birthday shirt options for your birthday girl in plenty of pretty colors and customization options!

Happy Birthday Libras!

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