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The 3 Top Birthday Gifts for Scorpio Birthday Girls

The 3 Top Birthday Gifts for Scorpio Birthday Girls

Hey birthday girls!

Scorpio season is here! If you got a BFF with a birthday coming up, this is definitely the birthday gift guide for you! Read on to find out the perfect birthday gift idea for a birthday girl under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Gift cards (or a birthday card with money attached!)

Scorpios are known for making money, saving money, and being in control. Why not let them be in control of their birthday gift with a gift card? They can spend it whenever they like, how they like, at their favorite store! You can also give them money (who turns down free money?!) along with a birthday card with a personalized message saying so and so about giving them choice over what to spend or buy for their birthday gift. You can even include a free birthday dinner to complete the birthday gift.

A hand-made gift from the heart

When scorpios make friends, relationships, etc they only make friends that they trust with, deeply. When you win over a scorpio's trust and respect, you'll have a friend for life! So mark her birthday with a handmade gift from the heart. It could be a decorative wine glass, photo collage of your selfies together, or even a cute handmade hair accessory. She'll see the time you took to make an awesome birthday gift.

Board games for friendly competition

Old school board games are popular throughout parts of the country, showing up at parties and specialty bars for good times with drinks. Scorpios are hugely competitive, so plan a game night and let them bring out their inner scorpio on their birthday night. Though, no Monopoly please, who has ever finished that game within an hour?!

You can always substitute this birthday idea with video games too! Multiplayer games like Mario Kart or online RPGs can be great for Scorpios that are competitive and love to nerd out.

Fulfill the Scorpio's birthday gift wishes with birthday gift ideas that speak to her personality, and you got a happy birthday girl! Try these birthday ideas yourself!

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