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December Babies Rejoice!

Were wishing December Babies a Happy Birthday!!

'Tis the season of holidays and birthdays. Double the gifts and double the reason to celebrate. These celebrities don't have to worry about being naughty or nice because this is their month! If you happen to be a December baby, then you have some fine company...check out your birthday buddies below!

Dec 1 - Sarah Silverman; Bette Midler; Woody Allen
Dec 2 - Britney Spears; Lucy Liu; Nelly Furtado
Dec 3 - Amanda Seyfried; Ozzy Osbourne
Dec 4 - Jay-Z; Tyra Banks
Dec 5 - Keri Hilson; Frankie Muniz; Little Richard
Dec 6 - Wesley Stromberg; Stefanie Scott
Dec 7 - Aaron Carter; Sara Bareilles; Terrel Owens
Dec 8 - Nicki Minaj; Ian Somerhalder; Anna Robb; Dwight Howard
Dec 9 - Donny Osmond; Kirk Douglass; Tre Cool
Dec 10 - Raven Symone; Bobby Flay
Dec 11 - Nikki Sixx; MoNique; Rider Strong
Dec 12 - Frank Sinatra; Jennifer Connelly; Bob Barker
Dec 13 - Taylor Swift; Jamie Foxx; Nene Leakes
Dec 14 - Vanessa Hudgens; Alex Gaskarth
Dec 15 - Adam Brody; Dick Clark
Dec 16 - Flo Rida
Dec 17 - Milla Jovovich
Dec 18 - Christina Aguilera; Brad Pitt; Steven Spielberg
Dec 19 - Alyssa Milano; Jake Gyllenhaal; Criss Angel
Dec 20 - Jonah Hill; david Wright; JoJo
Dec 21 - Samuel Jackson; Ray Romano
Dec 22 - Jordin Sparks
Dec 23 - Holly Madison
Dec 24 - Ryan Seacrest; Ricky Martin; Stephanie Meyer
Dec 25 - Jimmy Buffet; Anniw Lennox
Dec 26 - Prodigy; Jared Leto; Chris Daughtry
Dec 27 - Hayley Williams
Dec 28 - Denzel Washington; john Legend; Seth Meyers; David Archuleta
Dec 29 - Jude Law
Dec 30 - Ellie Goulding; LeBron James; Ryan Sheckler
Dec 31 - Psy; Gabby Douglas



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