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Top 2 Ideas for an Unforgettable 21st Birthday Party!

Nothing else can make your 21st birthday better, than having your birthday well spent; a night of drinks, wild crazy fun, and being around your loved ones to help you celebrate your day of entering adulthood. You are finally at the age where you can now do whatever you want... legally. You want to make sure this night is one for the books! So if you do not want to be stuck in the house on this night, here are two options you can try to make sure you will have the best 21st Birthday ever!


1.) A trip to Miami, FL. Going to Miami is possibly one of the most fun things that you can do for your 21st birthday. Go to the beach, play in the sand and soak up the sun during the day, it is just all pure excitement. Then at night, go to one of their infamous night clubs such as Liv or Mansion, where all of the hottest starts go to. If you are lucky, you will get to actually meet one of them!  Grab a few of your friends and get ready for the time of your lives. 



2.) Just have a simple night on the town. If you did have enough time to plan for your birthday, or you just thought of something last minute, you can always get your girls and have a fun night out in your city! Go to bar and get some drinks, since this will be your first time being able to get carded ;) Then go to a club and dance, dance, dance the night away. You get to have a fun time with your friends instead of staying in the house wishing you should have gone out! 


You only get one 21st birthday, so by any means necessary make it a good one! You can follow these two decisions or pick something along these lines, but no matter what you do, have fun and be safe! XO.


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