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Say Yes to the Dress-Spring Edition

Spring is starting to approach and we all know what means.. Warmer weather,  cute spring fashion and of course, birthdays! So since we are starting to transition, now is the time to start preparing for having an awesome birthday, even your birthday dress! If you have a birthday in spring, here is a way to help you find the perfect dress for your birthday.  

Spring color or print. The dress that you pick should be nice spring color, which is: peach, teal, light pink, yellow, crème and any other pastel colors. These colors are perfect for the spring, they match with the weather and are just pretty colors! Some prints that can work for your dress are more so floral and stripes. 

 Types of dress. The types of dresses that would look best for the spring weather, would be a semi-short, poofy or flowy type of dress. That are possibly sleeveless, strapless, or maybe even off the shoulder.  These kind of dresses show that you are embracing spring! They are free and not clinging to your body, so you are able to move around freely and they are very, very comfortable! 

Versatile. Make sure that whatever dress that you choose, is something that you are going to want to wear more than once and to different places. Might as well get many uses out of an awesome dress! 

After you say yes to the perfect dress that works for you, just add some great accessories and pair it with a fabulous pair of shoes, and there you go! Now you are looking just fabulous for your birthday. XO

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