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Can a Tshirt Save a Life? This one Can!

Thank You for Celebrating your day, by giving others a chance to have more Birthdays!

Since the official Launch of the Birthday Girl World store, we have tried our best to give you Birthday Girl’s what you want! Recently, we have done official tally of our BEST SELLING items and, go figure, the top you all have loved is the Birthday Girl Party Tshirt!!!!

As if the title doesn’t say it all, this perfectly plunged V-neck compliments every girl’s figure. The bold BIRTHDAY GIRL lettering across the front has proven to be the ideal way to flaunt your day proudly! 

And, with every single sale, Birthday Girl has donated a portion of the proceeds to suicide prevention and awareness programs!! In making this hot number our best seller and buying from us, you have helped others celebrate more birthdays!

BG wants to THANK all you girls who have made this Birthday Girl Party T-shirt one of our top sellers and helped celebrate life to save lives with us!!!

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