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Lovely Leos are the center of every party!

Lovely Leos are the center of every party!

Hey Leo birthday girls! Are you ready to roar?! It's the time of the Leo zodiac and we're here to give you a few facts why we love Leo birthday girls!


Leo girls roar like a lion!


Ambitious and strong, you tend to take the lead of any party or group. You like to take center stage and show the world what you're worth! You're the type of girl who would strut your stuff on the catwalk! You love when people give you attention and shower you with compliments. No problem is too completed to solve and you dive in without hesitation! Not only are you center of attention, your warmth and personality draws people in too! ; )


Leo girls work hard and PLAY hard too!


Even when you're on top of the world, you love to party hard! Leos are always up for any activity whether it be sports or a round of karaoke. When it comes to places to party in, Leos love partying in high, energy environments such as casinos or a raving night club. They want to go all out than holding back.

birthday girls have fun on their birthday


Leo friends make the best friends!


Not only you draw people, you cherish them and pamper them with your love and caring spirit. You respect your friends and past conflicts have no bearing on the present and future. You love being around people and getting to know new people as you hop from event to event. Leos are the ultimate friends as they can always be counted on for a great night out!


Energetic, forward, and warm, Leo birthday girls make this zodiac sign rad!


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