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How to plan for your 21st in Miami

How to plan for your 21st in Miami



The sun, beach, awesomely good looking people are all what you expect to see when in Miami. Going to Miami for your 21st birthday is a guaranteed plan for great fun. With many things to do, such as: going  out to the popular night clubs or even to the well known South Beach, there will never be a dull moment. When planning for such a trip, it does not include a whole lot but there are some things that are necessary. Here is how you can plan a trip to Miami for your 21st! 

Pack the essentials. The part that is most fun (well in some cases) is packing what to wear. In order to do this effectively, it's best to check the weather to coordinate the right clothing. Well since we know it's going to be pretty hot; lots of shorts, bathing suits, and dresses will be great to pack! Also depending on how you're traveling whether it's via airplane or car, try to pack necessary. Don't pack too much depending on the space and weight. Also don't forget your license, since you'll be 21 and want to be able to have fun legally! Don't forget your 21st birthday shirt too for some Miami birthday party fun!

Travel aid. How do you plan to get to Miami? Are you going to drive, take a plane, train? To figure this out, it's best to figure prices for each form of transportation that's suitable for you. Also, find this out ahead of time so you'll be able to get reasonable prices for the tickets or for a rental.  

Book rooms. It is pretty essential that you have a place to stay while you're in Miami, so unless you already have someone to stay with while on your vacation, you should book a hotel room for you and whomever you plan to bring along. If you want to catch the rooms at a pretty good price, check hotel sites like Priceline or where you can always negotiate prices and find an awesome rate.  

Find what to do. Figure out what you want to do each day ahead of time, whether it's going to a mall or going to the beach. This is just  a way for you to not waste time trying to figure it out that day. You'll already know what you're going to do or have an idea so you can just go from there! 

 Here are some ways to help you plan for your 21st to Miami! Just make sure that you have a fun time and live it up Birthday Girl!


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