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How Men Make Birthdays Unforgettable

Alright Gentlemen, that special lady's birthday is just around the corner! So now is the time for you to make sure this a birthday that she will never forget; whether you want to do something small for her or something really big, these tips will help to make sure she will definitely never forget this birthday.

To start off, there are few questions to ask yourself:  Are her friends going to help you? Will her family help? Or you may even just want to do this all by yourself, to make it seem even more impressive *elbow nudge*. Also, some of you are even considering this: how long you guys have been dating. You may not feel it’s the right time for there to be so much done, we will get that covered.  So here are some scenarios to make sure that your girlfriend will have an unforgettable birthday.

Scavenger Hunt - If her friends want to help you with this mission, then this suggestion will be perfect. You, along with the help of her friends, can set up a list of clues that lead up to a certain special spot; to a birthday party, to spot where you guys first met, just whatever you choose. With the clues, you can set the first one on her door step or in her car, which will lead her to another destination.  Also, with these destinations they can be special places, that mean something to the both of you or they can just be places that will help waste time. This will surely have her surprised.  

Handy Dandy Blind Fold - If you both are just starting to date or have not been dating for too long then this idea is helpful. With this what you can do, is tell your girlfriend to dress up for a certain occasion of your choice; a traditional dinner, going to her favorite concert, or even if you just want her to see a special present. Using a blindfold creates the most awesome suspense; just make sure you have something awesome planned for the revealing!

Traditional Surprise - Planning a surprise party for your girlfriend will never go out of style. Every girl will always remember a surprise, no matter what kind. For this you will definitely need all the help you can get to make sure that 1.) Your girlfriend does not find out (of course) 2.) That the plan is executed safely and 3.) To find out what to have at the party who all to invite! If planned just right, your girlfriend will always remember this particular birthday.

So guys, just make sure that whatever you choose to do for her birthday, that you have fun with it! This is your chance to put another huge smile on your special girl’s face (surely you have already!).  


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