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Death of the Infamous Re-Gift

We love to be with our friends when it is their birthdays, going out and helping them celebrate another year plus making sure that you give them an awesome gift. While most of us are in college, money can be pretty tight and we have to learn how to spend wisely for this occasion. Also if your friend is in college, this could be a way to give a gift that she may need. Even a way for her to remember her college experience! We want to be able to give them a memory that they will never forget, so if you're in college and looking how to give the best creative gift without breaking your pockets, look no further!

Mug. College students enjoy having coffee mugs for those nights when they want warm tea or in those crazy mornings when they need a quick cup of coffee. So a way you can give the gift of a mug and make it special, is getting mug and maybe have an insider joke or quote put on it. It is very inexpensive since most places do this now.This way whenever she's drinking out that cup she will always remember you and that moment.

Monogrammed Items. Girls are loving having items that are monogrammed, and in college this will be perfect for her so because it'll have her initials on it so she will not have to worry about this item getting stolen or missing. Getting anything monogrammed is great; whether it is a pillow, a keychain, or a shirt with a pocket with her monogrammed initials on the pocket. It is not that expensive and it is very simple and easy to make into a gift!

Gift Card. With this gift you can never go wrong! BUT you have to make sure it is a gift card to a store that she really loves and goes to very often. That way the card will not go to waste, girls love gift cards no matter what because they come in handy very well. So if you find yourself not being able to think of anything else, and the other two suggestions are not working for you then this gift card idea should very much so save the day.

Giving gifts are not always easy because not everybody knows what to give, especially while in college. So here are a few suggestions of gifts to give to your friends, whether you're in college or she's in college.




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