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How to Grab a Taurus By the Horns

How to Grab a Taurus By the Horns

birthday girls with birthday shirts are taurus girlsTaurus Girls Always Keep Close Friends Near!

Opposed to having many friends, Taurus tend to have few friends but cherish and pamper them all with love and attention. Only friends of Taurus will see a Taurus' true side, as they may be somewhat reserved around social events, but that doesn't stop their kind, trusting, and loyal spirit towards their close friends!


Taurus Girls Have a Strong Sense of Judgment!

Whether it's running a business and deciding where to go for a weekend, Taurus girls know what is right in their hearts and make decisions carefully. That might mean balancing a budget for a night on the town, or deciding on what to spend their paycheck on. With their independent spirit, they'll trust their gut while making the wisest choice!


Taurus Girls Never Give Up!

Even with having a good sense of judgment, Taurus girls never give up no matter what situation they're faced with! Even stubborn, they will not stop till they've reached the goal! Pair these traits up with independence, and you've got a force to be reckoned with! Even once and awhile Taurus will get lazy, but when it comes to goals, it's time to get moving! 


Strong like the bull, a Taurus is a force that can't be stopped! With a caring heart and a drive to be the best she can be, Taurus girls make this party one to remember! Happy Birthday Taurus Girls!

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