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Why candy is the perfect gift for her birthday!

Why candy is the perfect gift for her birthday!

Hey birthday girls!

Candy can be a sweet birthday gift for her! Especially for those birthday girls who have a big sweet tooth, right?! Not just a yummy treat but also a perfect gift for any birthday girl for this time of the year!


A small pick me up please!


One little hershey's kiss please! This gift isn't just sweet, it's a definite on the go kind of snack as well! You can even buy a bag of mini candy pieces so the birthday girl can eat candy whenever she wants! Hersheys is one of the most popular chocolate out there, so it's bound to be a great birthday gift for the sweet tooth!

Tons of flavors!


Chocolate? Lollipops? Gummy bears? No matter what the occasion or party, there will always be a candy for any kind of event! If you know the birthday girl's favorite candy, buy her that candy and surprise her! Or maybe, buy her a big basket of candy(like at as a huuuuugeee birthday gift that will last for quite some time! Even a candy care basket will surely cheer any birthday girl up! Leave a personalized message in the basket for that icing on the cake.

A classic, inexpensive gift


Gifts don't have to be pricey to be great! They can be inexpensive and still wow the crowd! Even if you have no idea what to get the birthday girl, giving a variety of candy pieces still shows that you care! Most variety packs of candy bags will be a under 20 dollars birthday gift!


Turn it into a party!


Places like @DylansCandyBar in NYC can be a fun experience to get with your girls and just INDULGE in candy heaven! To really w-o-w your birthday girl, reserving a event to a candy bar may just be the trick to get the treat! You can even enjoy some candy cocktails to really sweeten your time there!


What more reasons do you need? Candy is a definite perfect gift to satisfy any birthday girl's sweet tooth!

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