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How to buy a gift for your Girlfriend (if you're a guy)

Hey birthday girls! (and guys!)

 You've been dating this girl for awhile. She's your partner in crime, and friend till the end. But her birthday is coming up! What do you get her? Us girls got a few inside pointers to show you ; )





Know her hobbies

 Is she an outdoorsy type? Does she love sports? Is she into video games? Getting a gift for a friend, family member, or significant other based on their interests shows how much you know them. And by showing her you pay attention to her, you'll definitely win her heart again on her special day!


Sweet and special

Planning a birthday trip can be a special getaway for the two of you, or a restaurant with a 5 star view. It can be sweet, sappy, and corny, or a gift that will W-O-W her. And even the stereotypical a big bouquet of flowers in the morning can still send out a lovely gesture of appreciation to your special girlfriend. Although make sure to note if she doesn't like traditional things like teddy bears or jewelry. Not every girl loves the idea of some gifts, but still make an effort to give her something that will make her feel pleased like a queen. ; )


From the heart

If you're a hands on person, how about making a personalized gift for her? A scrapbook of memories, a ring that signifies your relationship, a playlist of songs for her, sometimes the greatest gifts of all come from the heart, and what other way to express your love by making something with effort and care.


Alright guys! Get out there and give your girl the perfect gift of all! Have fun celebrating her birthday together!

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