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Top 3 Accessories for your 21st Birthday

Top 3 Accessories for your 21st Birthday


Hey birthday girls!!!

 Let the party theme song rock! You're finally 21! But we all know every birthday girl has to have some bold, stunning accessories to top off that faaaab birthday look! Keep these 3 tips in mind and you're ready to show it off to the crowd. ; )


Legal it!

You're 21. TWENTY ONE!!! You gotta show it gurl! Whether it be your very own shot glass for your 1st drink, sassy, colorful, birthday sashes that say "the birthday girl is HERE!", or a crown saying "21st!" for the lovely birthday queen! Show off not only beautiful self but your age too!

 Drinks for all!

Get your very own personalized glass with your name and age on it! Decorate it with friends and personalize it with gems, crystals, ribbons, anything to show off you! Get a matching shot glass set to go along with it or decorate the glasses to fit the theme of the party.

 Center piece Center style!

Wear something that really means a lot to you whether it be a necklace or a bracelet that really sets you out from the crowd! Wear your favorite dress, or sparkly, fashionable pair of heels. Dress it up and show that you're the star of the show!

Make your 21st stand out with these 3 tips and you're on your way to fun fun fun!


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