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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 11

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 11

give her the birthday gift she wants

Hey birthday girls!

Another round of birthday fun please! No matter where you go, the birthday shirt is the number 1 shirt for the birthday occasion! 16th, 21st, 18th, or any day, or everyday, it's time to keep the party going!

Wear it to a baking party!

Birthday girl, you know you love spending time with your best buds! And what better way to do it by spending the day baking a birthday cake! You all can even make a no bake cheesecake if you want a simple, easy way to celebrate, or if there's no oven around! And hey, add some birthday ice cream while you're in the birthday sweets mood!

Statement necklaces

I'll say it once, and again cause statement necklaces are the thing, the statement to wear on your birthday! Love big rocks, pendants, chains and rope? Get a necklace with that! Want your name on a necklace? It'll be the perfect gift for you! At an affordable price point with big value, the statement necklace can be an easy fashion statement for your birthday shirt that will get you compliments all day long!

Drop earrings

Add a little glam on your birthday with some fancy drop earrings. Can be made of diamond or if you need a cheaper alternative, cubic zirconia and other affordable rocks! You can even get earrings that are made of quartz stone for that edgy but stylish vibe. The earrings shouldn't be too formal (ex: earrings that look like chandeliers or pearl earrings), but fancy enough to wear to the bar.

There you go! 3 tips to keep your party on track, and your birthday shirt in great shape! 

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