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Introducing the 16th Birthday Tee

Introducing the 16th Birthday Tee

16th birthday shirt is the birthday shirt for your 16th birthday


SWEET SIXTEEN! Here's to this lovely birthday milestone! Here's to the lovely young birthday girl!!! Say HELLO to 16 and have the party of your life!!!!!

We got a birthday shirt for the world to see! The sweet sixteen birthday T-shirt is a bold and beautiful birthday shirt! This 16th birthday shirt is also super soft with some best birthday wishes and light cotton!

Not only just for your 16th birthday, wear it year round too if you want ; ) Feel comfortable and cool for your birthday! Easy to wear and easy to mix and match with your own favorite pair of shoes or clothing, what more could you even ask for in a 16th birthday outfit?!!

This 16th birthday shirt also makes the best birthday gift idea for her 16th birthday! If you know someone turning 16, this is the perfect birthday gift for her! Not only it is super comfortable, it is an affordable 16th birthday gift for under $20!

You will definitely get noticed everywhere you go! In school, on the beach, in the mall, say it PROUD AND LOUD that this birthday girl is 16 mmmmHMM!!! (And maybe your crush will just notice your FABULOUS outfit today??!! Mhmmmm ;) )Where ever you go in the 16th birthday shirt, you'll definitely have some heads turning and birthday memories to make and share with everyone!

Pair it up with a cute pair of jeans, shoes, accessories, and you are out the door! Add a birthday tiara and or a birthday button to your 16th birthday outfit!


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