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Are You Ready For Fierce Fall Fashion?

It pains me to see the end of another summer as I trade all the crop tops and short shorts in my closet for sweaters and *cringe* ... pants. But, as sad as I am to say goodbye to my tanlines and sunglasses, I have to admit that fall is my favorite season for fashion. 

Bright colors and bold patterns: This is one of my favorite trends so far this year. Although some patterned dresses/skirts can be insanely flattering, they can just as easily go horribly, horribly wrong. 
I'm obsessed with Ashley Tisdale's dress in the picture above. The bright color scheme and silhouette-enhancing pattern would be able to give anyone the perfect hourglass shape.

Mint-green platforms: These shoes are everywhere right now mostly because they're impossible to ignore. They give the perfect pop of color that accentuates your summer tan.

Bright pink lipstick: I love this fuchsia trend for lip color, but it's not for everybody, so make sure you try on and compare lots of different shades, snap lots of selfies, and ask your friends for advice before you decide to wear it.
Play with these fierce trends and get the best out of what fall has to offer this year. Just because the weather isn't hot doesn't mean you can't be, a Birthday Girl.


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