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How to Celebrate your Birthday Like a Rockstar in Las Vegas!

Here are some cool birthday ideas to help you plan your birthday party in Vegas.

If the Birthday Girl were Alice, then Vegas would be her Wonderland, except instead of an evil fat queen, there are hot guys in suits dying to buy you drinks. Being a girl in Vegas means you get all your basic party needs met for free. No cover, no line, and no spending money on premium liquor. This means you can have an extravagant party, even on a budget.

Here are some tips for planning your birthday in Sin City:

Booking a Hotel: Be honest, how much time do you actually plan on staying in your hotel room? Cheaper hotels like Bally’s, The Hard Rock, and Planet Hollywood offer rates as low as $50/night, and because everything is on one strip, you only have to cross the street to go to the glamorous pools and parties. However, if you have your heart set on staying at a 5-star hotel, then call their toll-free number to ask if they give student/international discounts. Mention that you’ve stayed at the hotel before for another friend’s birthday, that you absolutely loved it, and that you are dying to spend your birthday there as well.

During the Day: Vegas day-clubs are known for throwing amazing parties, so do a little research to see if any good DJ’s will be playing while you’re there. Tao Beach Club is one of the hottest day-clubs and usually always has a good DJ performing. If you’re looking for a gritty hardcore party scene, I suggest Rehab (it’ll feel like you’re on spring break in college). Encore Beach Club is more upscale and less rowdy for the BDG who wants to relax in style.

Night time: You won’t be able to take 2 steps in Vegas without tripping over some club promoter begging you to go to their club or a bachelor party looking for some girls with whom to party. The casino is the best place to have drinks and meet people before going to the club (Tip: If you don’t know how to gamble, try Roulette. No strategy is required, it’s all about luck). My personal favorite clubs are Pure at Caesar’s Palace, XS at the Wynn, and Marquee at Cosmopolitan.

Hangovers: They suck, and they’re inevitable, especially in the hot desert, so make sure you stay hydrated (Tip: Vegas tap water is safe to drink, so you can save money by not purchasing bottled Voss). Check out Breath-The Oxygen Bar where you can get a spa day for your brain by pumping oxygen into it through breathing tubes. I guarantee you’ll feel amazingly refreshed after.

Crazy and outrageous behavior is not only expected in Vegas, it’s encouraged. But, remember that whatever happens in Vegas ends up on Facebook. Be loud and proud that it’s your birthday, and enjoy all the extra perks that Vegas has to offer for a Birthday Girl!





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