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Why You Should Host a Birthday Beer-Pong Tournament This Year!

Why You Should Host a Birthday Beer-Pong Tournament This Year!

A beer pong tournament is a great birthday party idea

The Notebook may have single handedly convinced women that every moment of a relationship should be oozing with romance and obnoxiously passionate. Let’s be real, there’s only so much adoration you can show before you completely forget about the former table-dancing, beer-chugging, beer pong champ that you once were. Celebrate your birthday differently this year, grab some kegs and host a beer pong tournament or a beer olympics for all of your friends. Leave your designer bag and stilettos at home and host a non-romantic party with your boyfriend!

Nothing screams non-romantic, yet super close bonding time for you and your other half like beer pong. So instead of getting all dolled up in high heels and a fancy dress, you could wear your cutest skinny jeans with a mini tee and some sexy flats. You’ll still have your man drooling over you as you flaunt your talents at beer pong. “No celebrity shot needed, babe. I got this.” As a bonus, he’ll be reminded of how fun and sexy it is that his girlfriend is FTB (For The Boys). It may make you so cool that you even score an invitation to the next "boys night out". The ultimate token of girlfriend coolness!

Beer pong tournaments are great for the single Birthday Girl too! Make your own team of girls with matching shirts. Reconnect with some of your best guy friends and tell them to bring their friends and create their own team! Who knows... sparks may fly and you might end your birthday celebration with a new man AND the title of the sickest party hostess ever. Most men would agree that there’s nothing sexier than seeing his girl dominate at beer pong. Don’t ask us why... it could be similar to the adrenaline rush we get when we see a man cooking a delicious meal for us... Yum.

Although beer pong is considered a sport in America, don’t take it too seriously if you lose... You will be nicknamed “Godzilla” if you flip the table after a bad loss. Remember that beer pong requires 10% of true athleticism and 90% luck, and really who could be luckier than the birthday girl? On your mark... get set... CHUG!




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