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How to Party Like a Rockstar Without Blowing Money Like One

So you want to throw a banger for your birthday that MTV will wish they were there for. I mean c’mon, wasn't jealous of the kids on Super Sweet 16?! We understand birthdays can be as stressful as much as they are fun, and if money is the issue, we have the resolution. Birthday Girl came up with some amazing ideas that will end your money woes. Learn how to throw a bangin’ birthday party on a budget below! 

1.     The Invite

What’s a birthday party without invitations? Don't go out of your way to buy invites when we have this beautiful shiny talking invention called a phone. Phones are the most efficient way to get in contact with people these days. Send a group message or even send out e-mails. Another great idea is to make a Facebook event (don’t forget to put it on private) and invite all your friends. Here you can state everything such as the time, location, and a brief message on what to expect at your shindig. Your friends can confirm if they’re coming or not via the “accept” button so you can have a headcount of who’s actually showing up before they even arrive at your door. Technology is such a beautiful thing, isn't it? 

2.     The Food

One of the greatest if not the greatest thing about birthday parties is the food. To save some extra bucks, ask all your friends to bring something in to help out, potluck style. With everyone contributing, you will have a buffet of food options so everyone can have full bellies and full wallets. 

3.     The Music

Every party needs good music; it’s what gives the party soul and fire. Paying a DJ to come in and spin for your birthday is absurd when they’re so many apps that cost nothing and will play songs that will keep the party going. Such apps include Pandora and Songza where you just pick a genre and the app will play music according to your preference. ITunes is also a great alternative to a DJ since it already has all your favorite songs on your demand, for free. 

4. The Decorations

A big mistake for people throwing a party is spending a lot of money on decorations that will probably be destroyed at the end of the night anyway. Stick to some birthday balloons and some banners. If you want to be even more creative, make your own decorations with things you already own. Having a beach theme party? Just grab some bathing suits and hang it on a wire and people will instantly understand what your theme is. Use your imagination! It’s free and always ready to use! 

5.     Keep it Intimate

As much as you would love to invite your neighbor’s sister’s third cousin…don’t. Birthday parties should be with your closet friends. The more people you invite, the more you have to spend…and clean…and watch. So just keep it personal, it’s better for you in the long run. 

Birthday parties should not be a stressful event; it should be a worry-free celebration! By following our five easy steps to an inexpensive birthday party, you're guaranteed to have an MTV worthy party at less than half the cost. Eat, dance, and enjoy your day Birthday Girls!

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