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Happy Birthday to the Celebs CELEBrating birthdays in October!

Check out these famous people who are blowing out birthday candles this month:

 Happy Birthday to the Celebs CELEBrating birthdays in October!

Oct 1- Julie Andrews; Zach Galifianakis

Oct 2- Kelly Ripa

Oct 3- Gwen Stefani; Tommy Lee

Oct 4- Russel Simmons; Alicia Silverstone

Oct 5- Kate Winslet; Lesse Eisenberg

Oct 6- Amy Jo Johnson (the pink power ranger, we just had to)

Oct 7- Simon Cowell

Oct 8- Bruno Mars; Matt Damon; Nick Carter

Oct 9- Tyler Williams; Sharon Osbourne; Tony Shalhoub

Oct 10- Brett Farve; Mario Lopez

Oct 11- Emily Deschanel

Oct 12- Josh Hutcherson; Young Jeezy; Hugh Jackman; Kirk Cameron

Oct 13- Ashanti; Sacha Cohen

Oct 14- Ralph Lauren; Usher; Max Thieriot

Oct 15- Keyshia Cole

Oct 16- John Mayer

Oct 17- Eminem; Ziggy Marley

Oct 18- Zac Efron; Ne-Yo

Oct 19- Colton Dixon; Ty Pennington; Michael Gambon (played Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter series)

Oct 20- Snoop Dawg; Tom Petty

Oct 21- Kim Kardashian; Amber Rose

Oct 22- Zac Hanson; Shaggy

Oct 23- Ryan Reynolds; Weird Al

Oct 24- Drake; Adrienne Bailon

Oct 25- Katy Perry; Ciara; Craig Robinson

Oct 26- Keith Urban; Hilary Clinton; Seth Macfarlane

Oct 27- Kelly Osbourne

Oct 28- Bill Gates; Julia Roberts

Oct 29- Gabrielle Union; Winona Ryder

Oct 30- Matther Morrison

Oct 31- Vanilla Ice; Willow Smith; Rob Schneide

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