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Hey BGs, Here are 3 Cheap, Fun, and Easy Halloween Costumes

With Halloween around the corner, we are all giddy in what we will be but we also don’t want to waste all our money on the costume and have none on the actual night! We here at Birthday Girl came up with some great semi-homemade costumes that will not hurt your pocket and people will love. Creativity is key!

 Beer and Red Solo Cup Halloween Costume for our 21 and over Birthday Girls

1.  Beer and the Red Solo Cup

Who doesn’t love beer and beer related games? This costume idea is super adorable for a best friend duo.

How-To: Grab a Beer Box, cut the bottom and sides and have someone tape it around your chest as a cute tube top (do not forget a bra) or around your waste as a skirt (do not forget underwear). For the Solo cup, find any red dress that fits your preference. Go to your local craft store and buy white iron-on letters. Iron on letters SOLO going down vertically (picture of red solo cup helps) Grab a wide width headband and crazy glue a ping pong ball onto it.

You and your friends are now your own party! Beer and ball included!

BGs can be MIley for Halloween this year!

2.  Miley Cyrus’s VMA 2013 outfit

Ok, we are guilty in still being obsessed with Miley’s VMA performance, so why not relive the whole night again by copying her look?

How-To: Find a silver leotard. Get a teddy bear and tie it around your waste. Twist the front two pieces of your hair in Miley fashion (pic below). Do not forget, red lipstick and lots and lots of tongue.

If you feel like showing more skin, go for the nude bra and underwear look. Just add a foam finger and BAM you’re just being Miley.

Got a boo thing? Make him Robin Thicke! Just please do not be grinding all up him all night like Miley’s performance. Too much PDA is not OKAY!

 Here is a cool and cheap Halloween costume for our BGs

3.  Hipster EVERYTHING

We love this costume idea because it is so simple yet hilarious. This can literally work on ANY costume, new or old!

How-To: You’ll need only two things; wide rimmed glasses and Converse. Be a hipster superhero or princess or police officer…the choices go on and on!

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