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5 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Her: College Edition

5 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Her, Unique and cool birthday ideas

With classes and exams and projects, college can get pretty overwhelming. Birthdays should not. We came up with a list of some great gifts you can get the Birthday Girl that will help ease some college stress and leave her with a state of euphoria.

1. Portable Phone Battery Pack- A necessity for EVERY girl. A girl needs her phone aka life line working at all times.

2. Bose Sound System/ Beats Headphones- Need to drown out the world for a little while? This will do the fix.

3. Lotion/Spray/Soap Gift Bag- Sometimes there is not enough time in a day to shower...we get it.

4. Nook/Kindle- Books can get annoying to carry so lighten up with an e-reader. (Books are cheaper to buy on them too)

5. Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts Gift Card- A college student is made of 97% coffee.

6. Alcohol- This is a given for a college student (the over 21 Birthday Girls of course!). Find out your girl's favorite drink, buy it, and bedazzle the whole bottle so it can be used as a flower vase later one. Of course don't forget to give the Birthday Girl our Birthday Girl shot glass so everyone knows who the occasion is for!

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