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The Top 3 Football Players I would Draft to My Birthday Party - NYG edition

 Birthday Party Idea, Top 3 Football players you should draft for your birthday party

Football season is in full effect. We here at Birthday Girl love football because it is a win win situation for everyone. If you love the sport, watching your team win is one of the best feelings in the world. If you can care less about field goals and touchdowns then you can still watch for all the cute guys...and there's plenty of them!

With some NYG players living around the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area (aka Birthday GIrl central), we raised this question: "Who would I invite to my Birthday Party if given the chance?" After some heavy consideration, here are our top draft picks for our next birthday celebration.

1. Hakeem Nicks (#88-wide receiver) The Ultimate Jock. My first pick is Mr. Nicks. Nicks has been part of the Giants team for a couple years now and has proven himself to be one their greatest wide receivers of all time. Nicks is a legend in his own right attributing to a large number of NYG wins. The reason I want this jock at my party is because he would be a big hit with all the ladies. Not to mention, he is funny, nice, and always looking sharp (aka boyfriend material.)

2. Victor Cruz (#80-wide receiver) The Dancer. My second pick is Mr. Cruz because of three reasons. First reason is because how incredibly nice and humble he is. Anytime anyone ever runs into him, he graciously says hello and takes pictures. He radiates good energy and that is something every good birthday party should have! My second reason for inviting this wide receiver is because he will be that friend who will go to the diner with you at 3 in the morning after drinking and partying all night. How do I know this? He is regualrly spotted at my local diner at the wee times in the morning. Everyone needs that friend. My third and final reason to invite this football stud is because of his famous touchdown salsa dance. A guy with good dance moves at a party is always a MUST-HAVE.

3. Eli Manning (#10-quarterback) The Guy Next Door. My third pick for my party lineup is Eli Manning. He is a household name in Giants' fans homes. What is a football team, without a quarterback anyways? This football star would have lots of stories to share with everyone about his past 10 years in the NFL and how can we forget about his 2 superbowl wins? Even though he is a huge football star, Eli is still very down-to-earth if you ever get a chance to bump into him. And his smile? Swooooon. I also chose this quarterback because of his famous brother Peyton. It's always a great choice to invite guys to your birthday party who will probably bring their cute siblings. The more the merrier!




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