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The 5 shows BGs Can't Stop Watching!

The 5 shows BGs Can't Stop Watching!

5 TV Shows we cannot stop watching!

Fall is an amazing season for many reasons. One including the fall lineup of great shows! Check out our top picks that we promise will get you addicted.

1. How I Met Your Mother - Let's not discuss the tears we will shed when this show is over. Hilarious bunch of people going through everyday stuff that we also go through only in a much more comical way. This is the modern day Friends.

2. American Horror Story - It's like a really long scary movie except its chopped up into a few weeks. This is the fall's most anticipated show and just in time for Halloween season! Jessica Lange is a legend.

3. Vampire Diaries - Hot vampires falling in love with each other. Enough said.

4. The Voice- Always nice to watch people go after their dreams. Some make us laugh and some WOW us and those WOW people sure can sing! Pick your favorite and see if they make it all the way. Did we mention how we can stare at Adam Levine for an hour?

5. New Girl- Zooey Deschanel charms her way into our hearts as her quirky, weird self. This show follows Jess who gets by with a little help by her three male roommates. Jess also happens to be dating one of them...

Look at your local listings for air times of these shows so you won't miss all the laughs and steamy vampire love scenes of this great fall lineup!


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