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The Perfect Birthday Gift for Her: High School Edition

The Perfect Birthday Gift for Her: High School Edition

It's the best of times, it the worst of times, it's high school. We want to make your birthday one of those best times with some awesome birthday gift ideas. Here's our list of must-have birthday gifts for the high school student.

1. Digital Camera- It's time to take pictures galore before college and everyone going their own way. Capture the moment while you can.
2. Photo Collages- Low on cash? Get together some silly picture of you and your friend and make a collage that she can cherish and hang in her dorm room.
3. Cash Balloons- Buy a bunch of balloons, put cash in them , and some confetti, and bring it to her birthday party. Everyone will have a ball trying to pop the balloon plus it'll rain confetti. IMPORTANT: Make sure birthday girl does not have a fear of balloons
4. Gift Cards- What girl DOESN'T like a gift card?
5. Alex&Ani bracelet- WE love these bracelets because they express personal individuality through charms.

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