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Birthday on a Budget - How to look amazing on your birthday for Under $35 Vol 1

Birthday on a Budget - How to look amazing on your birthday for Under $35 Vol 1

Hey birthday girls!

Love birthdays? Love partying? Love to have a rocking birthday party on a budget while looking great? We know you birthday girls love to save money and rock it out on a budget, so we've created this guide for YOU! Here's some ways to have a superb birthday with an awesome birthday look while not breaking the bank!

I. The birthday outfit on a budget

We all know the birthday outfit must be on point. We gotta party hard and look our best at the same time. But how to do that on a budget? The birthday shirt of course! We've got TONS of birthday shirts for all your birthday party needs, and you're bound to find the birthday shirt that fits your birthday needs. From sweet sixteen to 21st birthday, and even custom birthday shirts, we got what you need, birthday girl!!!

So here's the deal. Birthday shirts only run no more than 20 dollars! Isn't it a steal? You bet it is! And with only 20 dollars a birthday shirt, you still have 15 dollars left over for a birthday outfit!

How does it work?

The birthday shirt goes well with pretty much ANYTHING! Whether you have a pair of jeans, skirt and leggings, or whatever you have, it will turn any regular outfit into a birthday outfit! With bold letters that say "BIRTHDAY GIRL", it's an instant birthday outfit. No need to go running around for a birthday outfit, or waste time trying on outfits at every store, save TIME and MONEY with a birthday shirt and style it with your own pieces! Voila! A birthday outfit on a budget is here!

Now let's show you the rest on how to make a great birthday outfit!

II. Nails on a budget.

Trust me, you're going to be surprised with this birthday tip! Of course, going to the salon to get your nails done can be a total splurge, but if you want to save money, then you'll have to paint your own nails! But how to save on cost you may ask?

Secret: Nail polish doesn't have to be 8 dollars a bottle!!!

That's right. In many cases, even cheap nail polishes like Sinful Colors and LA Colors are not 8 dollar nail polishes like Essie or OPI colors, but they work just as good! For 1-2 dollars per bottle, you can get any color you want for your birthday outfit! Now of course this method doesn't save time, you'll still need an hour to fully do your nails (or get your birthday squad of friends to help!) but it saves sooo much money if you're looking to get your nails done! You can find these value nail polishes at the dollar store or drugstore.

III. Birthday Hair on a Budget

Okay, get your girlfriends to help you out again, because we're gonna explain how to get that on fleek hair on a budget! This only requires you to already have a curling iron or any hair iron ready, or get your friend to lend you one for your birthday! (It is your birthday anyways!)

Secret: Use Online tutorials to self DIY your birthday hair on a budget!

Information is powerful! Sites like these: can show you step by step and visually on how to get that perfect birthday ready hair! The top methods for curling hair is using a hair iron, or braid and tie your hair the day before your big day, or hours before you're stepping out for the night! Trust me, you can get some awesome waves with this tutorial and even so, here's some sites for birthday hair inspiration for ways to get that perfect birthday hair!

IV: Accessories on a budget

Okay, so you got your birthday outfit ready, your birthday look ready, but what about those little things that complete your whole birthday look?

Thrifting is the way to go to save those $$$$

Trust me, you can get some sweet deals if you spend a bit of time looking for a cute purse or heels. Many thrift stores like salvation army or goodwill constantly have sales each week! Seriously! You can get a lot with only spending 10-15 dollars at your local thrift store. If you want something for just a night out and don't want to splurge too much for just one day, then try your local thrift store. Many stores will even do a half price day on certain items like dresses, shoes, and other products for sale, even with the low low prices they charge for!

And of course don't forget asking your friends if you can borrow their stuff for the night!

As long as you return it obviously! Your friends are going to celebrate your birthday night with you, and they probably have some cute accessories you can borrow for the night. Bonus points if you can borrow their heels AND fit into their sizes too!

Hope this guide helps you look great on a birthday budget! Birthday outfits don't have to be expensive as it sounds! You can save sooo much money and still look good! More savings so you can have money for drinks, birthday gifts, and so on for your birthday night! And don't forget to have fun too!

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