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Birthday on a Budget - How to look amazing on your birthday for Under $35 Vol 2

Birthday on a Budget - How to look amazing on your birthday for Under $35 Vol 2

Attention birthday girls!

Want to look amazing on your birthday but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars? Birthday coming up but need to save money? We got your back birthday girl! We totally understand money can put a damper on plans...but don't worry! You can still get the birthday look you want without going over budget! We'll give you the inside scoop on looking your birthday best on a budget! Here's some more birthday ideas for budgeting for a birthday!

I. Make a fabulous tulle skirt for birthday luxury on a budget!

Okay, this idea will take some DIY skills so get ready. If you need something to WOW the crowd, check no further than this birthday idea!: The birthday tulle skirt! Tulle skirts are so in this fashion season as they give that volume and bounce you need in a full skirt! Every retail outlet is getting on the craze too!

Birthday Tip: Hand making your own clothing can save money while making something totally unique for yourself!

Try this tip out for birthday outfit too! We love tutorials like this:

And as quoted from the article:

"What I learned, making something new is all about re-purposing and bringing life to things you already have. A simple revamp by adding the DIY tulle skirt made a huge difference on my closet, my fashion confidence but a minimal difference on my wallet."

And the total outfit only cost 10.85 dollars to make!!! Definitely birthday budget worthy!

Of course if you do have room in your budget, then you can purchase a tulle skirt from around 20 dollars a skirt at major fashion apparel shops! Style the tulle skirt with heels, and a fierce jacket to get that fashionista look on your birthday!

And of course, here's some other tutorials if you want to try your hand at making something nice for your birthday outfit!

II. Accessorizing the birthday outfit!

Alright, this part is gonna shock you, but you don't need to spend $$$$ to accessorize that perfect birthday outfit! Amazing right? Well, here's the secret...

Birthday Tip: Use a birthday shirt along with your own jewelry to perfect that birthday outfit!

How is this birthday tip SO simple? All it takes is styling a birthday shirt with your every day clothing and your own jewelry pieces! A birthday shirt will let everyone in the room know who's birthday it is. (Yours obviously!!). The birthday shirt easily goes well with pretty much anything. Heels? Yep. Leggings? Of course. Jeans? DEFINITELY!!!

So to accessorize, you can use your own jewelry pieces, or go to the mall and get some fashion jewelry deals for under 10 bucks!

Stores like forever 21, charlotte russe, target, and more have so many great jewelry deals for no more than 10 bucks a piece! and some stores have a buy 1 get 1 free deal going on every week!

Birthday Tip: Don't forget to accessorize to make an outfit WOW the crowd

A good statement necklace with earrings will set your birthday look in style! If there's room in the budget, getting a birthday necklace or zodiac necklace can definitely complete the birthday look even further!

And when you're done wearing that birthday shirt....

You can regift it as a birthday gift idea for your friends, family and more! Birthday shirts also double as a cool birthday gift idea for anyone you want! They'll be able to mix and match their wardrobe for their birthday party as well! This can be a cool birthday gift idea on a budget too!

III. Shop for those sales to complete that birthday outfit!

Some sales are weekly, but some are once a year! Whatever you need, you'll sure to get it in time for your birthday. Some big box retail stores are constantly shuffling out old stock and replacing with new fresh stock.

But buying new always means paying more!

So what's a birthday girl to do? Shop on a sale!!!

Every store has that one sales rack in the back! And of course, it might be a little messy, but you'll find some gems every now and again when you look. This can be discount dresses that didn't get sold in time, to jewelry for only DOLLARS a piece!

Birthday Tip: The savings can be found on just about anything if you look!

That's right, you can always save on last minute accessories and things for your birthday look by frequently checking the sales. Those stores always want you to keep spending, and with sales they will entice those customers!

Target for instance, has sales racks in every department. EVERY department! That means savings on beauty for your birthday makeup, a potential new dress for your birthday outfit, and some earrings that got discounted down!

Aldo Shoes always has tons of shoes for under 20 if you're looking for a last minute pair of heels for that birthday party! Not everything is on sale, but they'll always keep their customers up to date with last minute clearance sales on shoes and accessories!

The worst that could happen is you couldn't find what you're looking for, but keep trying the sales for those last minute birthday outfit essentials and you might just find that one thing that will make your birthday outfit great!

Birthday outfits are so totally possible on a budget! All it takes is a little DIYing, finding sales for the lowest possible price, and to use your skills to style everything in time for the birthday party! At the end of the night you won't be worrying about cost but laughing, dancing, and spending time with your dear friends and family at your birthday!

Get on to more partying, birthday girls!!!

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