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How to take a selfie for your birthday AND How to get lots of likes on your birthday!!!

How to take a selfie for your birthday AND How to get lots of likes on your birthday!!!

Hey birthday girls!

Getting noticed on your birthday is one of the best feelings ever! It's your big day and the spotlight is on you. This eBook will guide you through how to get noticed even more in your social networks for your birthday. Here's how.

1. How to use and take selfies for your birthday photos

Selfies are everywhere on social media. It's not about holding a camera or asking a stranger to take a picture, but holding your phone with the camera pointing to both of you! And that picture instantly gets uploaded to your facebook, instagram, and so on. Use selfies to broadcast what you're doing and to get birthday attention on your big day!

Perfect Selfie!!!

Use your phone's own camera or a photo sharing app. Popular apps are instagram, snapchat, and facebook. You select the option to take a picture, and select the camera that is facing you on your phone. You may have to toggle some settings, but it is fairly straightforward to control. Then, hold that phone a little high in the air, tilt your face at an angle, smile, and take that selfie! Feel free to adjust to get the perfect selfie for your birthday picture. Also, don't forget to wear your birthday outfit and birthday shirt for your selfie. Without the birthday shirt, people won't instantly see it's your birthday when they view your photos!

Birthday Tip: Include your friends in the selfie fun too! If you're going out with your girlfriends on your birthday, take turns posting selfies with them.

2. Feature your best moments!

Everyone looks at social media pictures for the big moments in life like graduating from college, trips around the world, interesting sightings, and more. Take pictures of yourself at your birthday party wearing your birthday outfit, take pictures of the birthday venue and the birthday food, and of course you and your friends having fun on your birthday! These big moments are soooo like worthy on social media accounts because it's one of those once in a year or once in a lifetime events people want to look at!

LOVELY birthday selfie!!!

3. Upload them!

And of course, best way to get a lot of likes on your birthday is to upload your photos to your social media account! Get the word out! You should upload a few great photos one by one, and any extra birthday photos to an album, like on Facebook. On instagram, include interesting hashtags too like #birthdayoutfit, #birthdaybehavior, #justturned21, #itsmybirthday and more to get noticed in and outside your friend group.

4. Share your birthday selfies!

Encourage your friends to share and repost your birthday selfies to their timeline and their social media pages. It's a great way to get their friends noticing what you've been up to on your birthday!

Use these birthday tips to get the most likes and <3s on your birthday! The easiest thing you can do is take many interesting and fun selfies on your birthday and share them heavily on your social media! You will definitely get noticed because it's your birthday and you got that birthday girl fun going on!

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